About Rado

You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Through my artworks I express the complex interplay between order and chaos, and between the rational and irrational. The fruits of this endeavour are organic artworks that reflect the unpredictable nature of reality. My artworks are a distillation of years of looking at nature and contemplating the vastness of the universe I inhabit, and exploring the depthlessness of the universe within myself. Each of my artworks is a world of its own. Dive into these worlds and endless discoveries will await you!

In my artworks I utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to materialize what I’ve dreamed up. The Artificial Intelligence-aided painting technique I developed makes it finally possible to create artworks with the detail and style that till recently were confined to my imagination. This doesn’t mean that the process to create my artworks is quick and easy. Most artworks take weeks or even months to finish.

Rado is a Leiden-based artist and philosopher from the Netherlands. In the past he used traditional painting techniques like oil paint to create art. Nowadays he utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to create artworks you have never seen before.